Population Health Management / Wellness

 It’s no secret! Healthy employees save employers money on their benefit programs. But the question is how do you encourage healthy living without dictating lifestyle choices? Companies have tried offering employees fitness watches and have removed unhealthy food from vending machines to promote wellness. However, Bridge Insurance Group recognizes that a population is made up of many individuals and health management cannot be approached in a cookie cutter fashion. Instead of gimmicks and fads, Bridge Insurance Group offers our clients customized, proven solutions that resonate with employees and promote health. We learn about your employee population and then work with you to incorporate established strategies into your plan that provide you with ROI’s.

BIG’s population health management/wellness services

BIG’s population health management/wellness services include:

  • Primary Care Physician Programs
  • Implementing Health Advocate Programs
  • Rewards and Incentive Programs


Automating Tasks

Pharmacy Consulting

Pharmacy Benefit Strategy


Negotiating the Best