Enrollment Strategies

Juggling the paperwork, education, questions, and follow-up surrounding open enrollments, new hires and employee terminations can be time consuming for HR Departments. Confronted with new information, different benefit options and procedures, employees and families are often left confused and unsure. Bridge Insurance Group works with organizations to facilitate the essential communication of explaining benefit plans to employees, which reduces the strain on your HR Department. We evaluate your current procedures, costs and methods and then develop timely solutions, using best practices.

BIG’s enrollment strategy services

BIG’s enrollment strategy services include:

  • 24-hour call center support
  • On-site benefit enrollers
  • Enrollment platforms
    • BenAdmins
    • Payroll
    • HRIS
  • Customized videos for new hires and open enrollments
  • Multi-location solutions
  • Benefit mobile applications


Automating Tasks

Pharmacy Consulting

Pharmacy Benefit Strategy


Negotiating the Best