Employee Communications

Employees who are well informed and understand not only their benefit plans but also their employer’s commitment to them and their family are happier, more productive, and more engaged with their work. They also perceive their benefits as being better than average, if they are communicated effectively. When educating employees about their benefit plan options and increasing their health management activity, Bridge Insurance Group advocates open communication across all channels between your organization, HR, and employees. When you choose BIG you are selecting a company with expertise in a variety of employee communication platforms. Unlike most brokers, we are well versed in each platform’s operation and the resulting benefits of each for all parties.

BIG’s employee communication services

BIG’s employee communication services include:

  • Employee booklets (all pieces vetted)
  • Benefit booklets (all pieces vetted)
  • Payroll platforms
  • BenAdmins platforms
  • HRIS systems
  • Benefit mobile applications
  • Professional employer organizations (PEO)


Automating Tasks

Pharmacy Consulting

Pharmacy Benefit Strategy


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