Knowing how you compare to local, regional, and national competition is vital not only to business success but also to attracting new employees and retaining current staff. Bridge Insurance Group’s benchmarking data provides the standards for you to compare your wages and benefit programs and gives you the necessary information to provide plans that are attractive to current and potential employees. Benchmarking data can also impact your bottom line. Review the data to make sure your company’s employee benefit contribution amounts are in line with the industry standards.

BIG’s benchmarking services

BIG’s benchmarking services include

  • Statistics and surveys from carriers, brokers, and independent outlets
  • What is the National Average for Deductibles, Co-Pays etc…
  • What funding mechanism should our company use Fully Insured, Level/Partially Funded or Self-Funding ?


Automating Tasks

Pharmacy Consulting

Pharmacy Benefit Strategy


Negotiating the Best