Mission / Direction

B.I.G. is a veteran owned consulting organization that merges all pieces of Human Capital Management strategies under one roof. B.I.G. has all points of contact an organization needs to optimize employees and profits. B.I.G. commitment to an organization is to evaluate the Human Capital Management life-cycle from recruiting to termination of an employee. Recruiting, Payroll, Compliance, Benefits, Communication and technology are a few areas of where B.I.G. excels. Transparency and expertise is our motto.

  • Focused on clients.
  • BIG results that impact your bottom line.
  • Committed to your business success.
  • Simple. Easy. Fast.

We bring sophistication, energy, innovation, and ethical business practices to the table. Our philosophy is simple: personal attention and service, dedication to excellence and integrity, transparency and openness, and trust built on a foundation of respect.

  • Our Underwriter has reduced medical renewals from 20% increases to flat increases
  • Technology automation reduces HR Departments workload by 25%
  • Clear employee communication results in happier, more productive employees


Automating Tasks

Pharmacy Consulting

Pharmacy Benefit Strategy


Negotiating the Best